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First STRONGFELT workshop of 2015!

BT201_SM_11_2010_detailCleaning house and preparing to welcome participants to my studio for the workshop, Felt Fusion Through Substrates: Texturing, Edging and Free-motion Embroidery this weekend, April 2-5!! We’ll be exploring resisted texturing by applying different weights of partial felt to our felting layers, edging fabrics with partial felt for straight edges as well as shaped edges (as pictured) and free-motion embroidery for details, texturing the surface and stiffening elements. So excited! The next open class is May 21-24, Foundations for Wet Felting: Fiber Variations & Shrinkage Calculations…a fantastic class for those beginning their felting explorations and those looking for more control of their results!

Findings on the Gulf Coast

The days were at first calm and pleasant and the beaches offered very little in the way of shells and other visual delights to scavenge. After a tremendous storm of wind and rain, however, the ocean churned and churned for two days and on my last sunrise walk I found a visual and metaphorical playground to propel my return to the studio.


April 2015 Elementary School Residency

photo-14I am officially on vacation this week, from making at least, but of course I have many things in the works…on the mind! I am very excited to get back in the Asheville Schools this April for a week long residency at Vance Elementary School in West Asheville. I have received a TAPAS grant (Teaching Artists Present in Asheville Schools) to work with three classes of 5th graders. The 65 kids will all have an opportunity to learn to felt by making a sheet of partial felt from which they will cut shapes of branches, buds, leaves and flowers of the NC State Flower, the Dogwood, Cornus, florida. I was working out the colors and amounts of wool, how far we will felt the sheets before cutting and the sizes of the shapes before I left town on Monday. The classes will organize the components into a composition illustrating the seasonal gradation of growth which will be backed by silk fabric and wool fiber in a gradation of color related to how high the sun is in the sky. The piece will be stretched on a canvas and exhibited in the school. I love the idea of working with seasonal changes as the kids can relate to the physical changes of the environment and how those changes can effect their energy and emotions. A special thanks to Ginger Huebner, founding director of Roots +Wings School of Art and Design, for helping to bring this residency into fruition and of course for funding by the Asheville City Schools Foundation and LEAF in Schools and Streets.

New Gallery for STRONGFELT!

LightOn my drive back from the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore this past February, I stopped in LIGHT Art + Design, a gallery located at 601 W. Rosemary St in Chapel Hill, NC to see if my work might fit the aesthetic presented by owner Cindy Spuria. Cindy also has an interior design business, Sitzer Spuria Design,  which makes a lot of sense in viewing the collection of work at the gallery and the spaciousness in which it is presented. I am excited to have just boxed up a little collection to send to LIGHT for the spring! Stop in for a look if you find yourself in the Triangle of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

New 2015 Works on Site!

N201_SS_2015I have just completed uploading the most recent photography of the work I had created this past winter. This neck piece is one of my favorites from the new series. It incorporates a stainless steel wire form skinned with very thin felt and threaded onto an undulating cord. The cord has been free-motion machine embroidered to compress the remaining air from the felt creating an embossed surface and a stiffer felt. I have found that by allowing my stitching to be guided by the random incorporation of novelty thread on the felt’s surface, a visual and energetic balance is created with the controlled parallel lines of stitched thread.  Please have a look at the new images in the Bracelet and Necklace galleries.