Figurative Sculpture

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One of the main reasons I am attracted to working with wool felt is the antiquity of its use by humans as a second skin, a protection against the physical elements and therefore, its offering of psychological security. These pieces mark transitional moments in my life, moments of vulnerability that inspired depth of introspection. I process this life I have been given through making and so I make a felt skin to hold the concept so that I can let go and move on. Skins are made by hand piecing from a single sheet of felt that has been cut up into planes to construct the figure, similar to sewing a garment, and then the form is filled. They may also be made from a single piece of felt stretched over a metal armature or structured with an incorporated armature of dense, stiff felt or found objects. Surface design may incorporate: fusion with fabric, thread and other non-felting fibers, partial felt patterning, 3-D felt surfaces, object inclusion, free-motion embroidery and natural dyes.

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