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COVID-19 2020 SALE

About STRONGFELT’s COVID-19 20%20% SALE:

This sale is an effort to create financial stability for myself, to contribute toward stability in the larger community of craft artists and to place incredibly tactile handmade work in the hands and on the bodies of advocates for the arts during this time of social distancing. I have always recognized that each handmade object in my home, as a representation of that maker, offers a sense of social connection and now, in solo isolation, more so than ever.

I had ceased work in the gig economy of workshop instruction and the making/selling of jewelry and accessories at craft fairs over the last 2 years to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture. With graduation in May 2020, I was just about to embark on a summer schedule full of both domestic and international workshops, all of which have been cancelled. Additionally, positioned as a foreign student in Canada and without recent employment in the US, I am not qualified for most any assistance I have seen offered.

The work pictured below is a collection of older and more recent work, some that had previously been listed on the website as well as work that I kept tucked away in my coffers. Each piece has been reduced by 20% with an additional 20% of the purchase price being donated to CERF+ The Artist Safety Net’s COVID-19 Response Fund to benefit artists suffering from severe health impacts due to the virus.

*Denotes item still available for purchase.
Please email me at with your interest or proceed to the website’s contact link. The work will be shipped free of charge.
Wishing everyone health in body and mind.

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