Since Taos 2019 / Form & Concept Gallery

Since Taos: Constriction of Mass, Concision of Thought

Solo Exhibition February 22 – April 20 2019
Form  & Concept Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Thank you to Form & Concept’s prior director, Frank Rose, for conceiving of this exhibition featuring sculptural works I made since moving from Taos, NM in 2001 to the southeastern US and in anticipation of a new body of work to be made while obtaining my MFA degree in Sculpture. Thank you to the current director, Jordan Eddy, for seeing the exhibition through and organizing a correlating workshop and lastly, to owner Sandy Zane, for her advocacy of the arts.

Overall gallery documentation for relation between objects and within the space. Individual works featured separately in the 2001-2005, 2006 and 2009-2017 Galleries.

photo credit: Jonathan Meade