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It’s my turn to dig into some new ways of working! I will be pursuing my Master of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, Canada for the next two years, fall ’18-spring ’20.

For this time, STRONGFELT workshops will be on hold EXCEPT FOR:

February 23 & 24, 2019, 9-4 daily
Felt Form Workshop: Sculpting by Way of Shrinkage-FULL ENROLLMENT
Form & Concept Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

In conjunction with the February 22-April 20, 2019 exhibition, Since Taos: Contraction of Mass, Concision of Thought, featuring a collection of felt-based work created between 2001 and the present day, Lisa Klakulak will offer a 2-day course focusing on wet felting techniques to develop three-dimensional forms. Participants will explore the use of resists to build hollow forms while the placement of different weights of wool within the layout preparation determine the concave and convex areas of the form, a method Klakulak terms “extreme differential shrinkage.” Working with a limited palette of wool, the emphasis will be on exploring a plethora of small-scale forms, the relationship of pressure and directional agitation to the felting process, and—of course—enjoying the feel of this humble material.

This class is limited to ten participants, so make sure to register early! The $300 registration fee reserves your spot, while the $15 material fee is due at the start of the workshop. REGISTER HERE.

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Participants of the Sculpting Hollow Form STRONGFELT workshop at Anilinas Montblanc, Santiago, Chile 2016.