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2024 Schedule


Shakerag Workshops, Sewanee, TN, USA
June 16 -22, Wood & Wool Collab: Material Exploration, Texture + Play!
Collaboratively taught with Graeme Priddle
Enrollment is OPEN

Sanborn Mills Farm, Loudon, NH, USA
July 31- August 4, Felt: Depth of Surface/Depth of Field
Enrollment is OPEN

Double Island Studio, Green Mountain, NC, USA
Sept 4-8, Sculpting Hollow Felt Form: Application of Partial Felt + New Adv Techniques with 3D Partial Felt
Enrollment is OPEN

Pacific NorthWest Art School, Coupeville, Whidbey Island, WA, USA
September 21-25,  Wet Felting Realistic Imagery: Partial Felt Mosaic, Fabric Fusion & Machine Stitching
September 27-29, Solid Form Felting Techniques: Clasps & Closures
Enrollment is OPEN

FELT JEWELRY SERIES: Material, Technique & Impact

Course 2 Applications of Partial Felt
Wet Felting for Shaping Solid Form, Patterning Surfaces & Sculpting Hollow Dimensions
6 learning modules, 11 weeks, 2 supported projects
Next edition September 8-November 24, 2024 + platform access through February 9, 2025.
Course 2 is open only to those who have completed Course 1.

Course 1 Foundational Structure
Wet Felting Solid Forms, 2D Planes, Hollow Forms for Encasing Objects & Connections for Composing

6 learning modules, 10 weeks, 2 supported projects
Course 1, Edition 8 is currently running April 7- June 16, 2024 with platform access through August 25.
Hosted on the RUZUKU platform.
Course Fee $745 payable with Paypal or a credit card.
(a payment plan is now available for $390 at registration and $390 one month later)
Next edition winter/early spring 2025!