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STRONGFELT gauntlets came into being after a studio accident and yes, they do occur in the seemingly soft, safe textile studio. While mordanting a tall pot full of felt (a pre-treatment for applying natural dyes), I slipped my gloved hand a bit to far down in the pot and 200 degree water filled the PVC coated glove. In the ensuing weeks while treating my burns, I wrapped my hand and forearm with medicated cotton cheesecloth like a cast or a gauntlet. This reality check of the preciousness of my hands inspired the protective gauntlets. A 2-D resist design, sized up to allow for shrinkage, is wrapped in wool fiber, wet felted and then fulled to the hand/wrist size. Surface design may incorporate: fusion with fabric, thread and other non-felting fibers, partial felt patterning, 3-D felt surfaces, free-motion embroidery and natural dyes.

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