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Recognizing a need to focus on the underpinnings of my nearly two decades of working with wool and the felting process and to break through the limitations of the medium on the range of my voice, I self-imposed a retreat from my routine to pursue my MFA in sculpture from fall 2018 to the spring of 2020.  The work in this gallery began then and continues..

Extracted from my written thesis:

The porosity of materials and processes that modify its internal space are microcosms that provoke memories of extreme spacial relations in my lived experience. I use qualities and measures of space to allude to psychosomatic states of being. Felt, a constant in my material repertoire, implicates human experience, as it is not only able to visually convey a range of states of vulnerability depending on the density to which it has been agitated, but is made of protective animal hair with attributes similar to our own. These skin-like substrates, along with materials and processes performed upon them, which either increase or decrease internal space, are emblematic of the impacts of familial and social structures and atmospheres on one’s person. Tools and objects, either found used or referenced through sculpted materials and that have a designed purpose of altering and defining concepts of space are arranged in relation to one another and with a state of felt to create abstract social reenactments.

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